The Black Music Festival, (formerly the Leeds Reggae Concert) attracts over 30,000 a year. We can help you expand, grow, develop, design and deliver your desired intent, aims or vision…

Our Advertising services include

  • Banners
  • Large screen advertsing slots
  • Mobile Advertising Trailers
  • PA Slots and Special Announcements
  • Advert space on our various printed and online media
  • Email Blasts
  • Product placement
  • Promotional distribution services (on the day)
  • Headline Act association / Mention
  • On Stage Advertising Slots
  • Baracade Advertsing Slots

And more…

For our latest list of sponsor prices please see the PDFs below.

Corporate Sponsor Pack
Black Music Festival Sponsor Pack_Corporatev3 7June2017

Community Sponsor Pack
Sponsor Pack_Community v1 17June2017

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