Zeeno Shortz

I started MC’ing around 13/14 as a grime mc, it was the older heads who influenced me. That era was so different to now it was more raw as in we would be walking through town and we would see a a rival crew throw on a beat and clash, sometimes even acapella. As I got older I slowed down with the music but then found my love for it again and found my sound which is more versatile rap now.


– From young I have had a lot of love for music. I started off djing but then tried writing lyrics and performing them to a friend. I then got more confident and it became a regular thing. I then wanted to do more when it came to music so I learnt how to make beats and engineer which I still do for myself and Zeeno. Everything is in house. I graduated last year from Leeds university where I studied Music Multimedia and Electronics.


Zeeno Shortz and Courtz are currently working on an EP together.