Black-Music-Festival-Large-Screen-BannerIf someone had told us at BHI that we would be organising Black Music Festival 2015 six months ago the team would have laughed and booked themselves into our BHI Therapy service.

As a community engagement organisation we had no thoughts or ambitions to enter the music/entertainment business. Whilst all the team had their preference of genre none of us had the expertise to pull a festival together, never mind within several weeks! But that indeed is what occurred for #BLKMusicFes

It’s been a steep learning curve from organising concessions/stall holders to identifying and booking credible Artistes from the many genres of ‘Black Music’. But we were fortunate to have on board a world renowned promoter Derek ‘Tubbs’ Lawrence on board with us who seemed to have many artists on speed dial!! Let’s be honest anyone who can pack Somerset House with Chronixx and be part of the most famous festival Glastonbury we knew we were in ‘safe hands’

The community pulled together behind us with many offering their knowledge and support. Of course not everything ran smoothly but we learnt from every step, conversation and meeting we had, and learnt fast.

Arts@Leeds staff were fantastic with their support for the event with Leeds City Council allowing our creativity to flow, and it was only cost – Who knew how expensive artists were? Not us? There’s the fee; hotel; riders (we even had to learn what a rider was lol) that limited our creativity.

We had to include local unsigned talent. Why? Because Leeds is over flowing with talent, most of which totally unrecognised. We tapped into events which took place within Leeds and had an on-line call for auditions within two weeks we had 30 applications. You will see on Sunday the high calibre of the local artists, WOW the city of Leeds has surely been hiding these gems!

But with only a few days to go we are excited at the enthusiasm and buzz from Artists, Partners and the City of Leeds.

Come along and join the #PositiveVibez and Dance, Prance, Shake a Leg to the beautiful genre of BLACK MUSIC performed by International, National and Local Artistes…… Its Just the Way We Do

Black Music Festival Team